Past DAC NW Board Minutes

March 29, 2017 Board Minutes

Disability Action Center

These are minutes for the annual meeting of the Board of Directors, taking place March 29, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at the Fairfield Inn, 1000 West Pullman Rd, Moscow, Idaho.


Mark Leeper, Larry Topp, Karl Johanson, Tom Trail, Jean Coil, Sonia VanWoerkom, Dianne Milhollin, Bill Foster

Staff: Vicki Leeper, Steve Corr

EXCUSED: Shirley Ringo, Paulette Jordan

PUBLIC: Larry Topp’s attendant

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting called to order at 10:15 a.m. by Larry Topp.

  • Roll Call

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Agenda was introduced. Added information on By-laws New Business

  • Karl Johanson made the motion to approve agenda as amended
  • Tom seconded the motion
  • Motion passed by unanimous vote

APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: Minutes from December 29, 2016 meeting were approved. Karl cleared up that Dianne attending by phone doesn’t need to be noted. Mark explained what the salary grid is.

  • Jean Coil made the motion to approve the minutes
  • Dianne Milhollin seconded the motion
  • Motion passed by unanimous vote


Financial Report: Karl explained the detail which was presented on the screen. He stated that DAC’s finances are healthy. Mark explained why funds are in several different banks as a way to diversify. Investments are doing well made nearly $43,000 in one year. Customer count is 85 to date up from a year ago. We have identified a staff person to start working on collections. Mark explained the staff shortage in Post Falls and he is hiring a temporary person. After the staff loss in Moscow, and we are still hiring to replace one in Lewiston. These have led to being down in Part C funds. So we have added a position in Moscow to advance our partnership with youth transition through VR.

Administrative Report – Annual Report: DAC filed the annual 704 report using a new web based way to submit it. We are higher in community service records because of PAS records. Karl asked if we received response on the customer count as pointed out by the audit. Since the department has changed, they are working on a new reporting format that is based on numbers so that is what we are concentrating on. We effectively track about half I & R contacts, and office visits for information. We are setting up new tracking information. Karl suggested we could be capturing I & R information off the website. We could add the form to become a consumer on the website.

VR is looking to contract with someone to spend the 15% of their budget dedicated to youth transition. We are putting together a proposal to bring Working Well with a Disability into the schools and contract with VR to support this.

Marketing Update: Vicki Leeper presented the marketing update to the Board (attached). Added 3 new pages to our social media. We are working to implement Facebook Live at our events.

Staff Board Reports: As presented (attached). Vicki pointed out DAC is partnering with Kenworthy Theater on getting a stage lift.

1st Choice PAS Report: Steve had surgery yesterday. Mark already presented numbers on the PAS program in the financial report. DAC is looking at ways to increase assistants wages that have been with us for a while, using the funds made available from Washington State. We had an issue hiring an assistant from out of the country who did not have the right documents to work. Assistants are hard to come by. A customer can switch agencies and they don’t notify us, so we get stuck with no reimbursement for several weeks.


Update on Lewiston/Post Falls remodel: Ramp entrance to Post Falls is finished, just waiting for better weather to seal it. Power in for the automatic door opener. Can’t find a worker to install it. Looking for someone to stripe the lot now that the weather is better. Perhaps we can pay Gustov’s gas to do both jobs. Roof and drains are done. Putting blinds on the sunny windows at the back. We will look at insulation in the older half at a later date. 

Benefit Package: Mark recommended staying with Blue Cross but making the change to increase employee contribution from $50 to $100 per month and to make the waiting period for health care from 30 days to 90 days. This especially affects the personal assistants that are hired and work for 1 month only.

3 Year Plan Document: as presented. This includes creating an exit strategy for the Executive Director.

  • Tom Trail moved to approve the 3 Year Plan
  • Larry Topp seconded the motion
  • Motion passed unanimously

Board Recruitment/Revenue Development – These were approved.

  • Sonja moved to approve the letters.
  • Jean seconded the motion
  • Motion passed unanimously

Executive Director Evaluation: These were sent to Karl and Larry to look over. Karl reported 4.8 is average response with 5.0 being perfect. No major area of improvement noted, lowest response was 4 vs 5. Area of concern related to growth of DAC and a need of the Executive Director delegating more things, and the board would need to expand to be responsive to the growth of DAC.

Salary Grid: Mark presented a salary grid he put together. This document would set policy on how to handle salary increases in the future. He can send it out to everyone individually to look at.


Moscow Awning Build/Lewiston Awning Replacement: We looked into building an awning in Moscow, but it requires engineering so it is hurricane proof. It needs to be built to prevent water damage. It would provide edge protection, protection from the weather. Potential cost could be $12,000 after the engineering. In Lewiston, the posts holding the covered walkway are rotten and the bid came in at $5000. Mark offered to come back with bids at the net

  • Larry Topp moved to approve awning replacement.
  • Jean Coil seconded the motion
  • Motion passed unanimously

Blue Path & CEI Presentation: Explanation of what BluePath is and what is going on.

By Laws Update: Karl took a class and then went through our bylaws that were so outdated (haven’t been updated since 2005) and made recommended changes. He would like to evaluate the board members with significant disability as stated in the bylaws. With Sonja identifying as having a significant disability so we are currently ok with the number that need to have that significant disability. And Mark is currently listed as a non-voting Board Member. It might be better if he was not listed as a board member. He also presented some simple meeting operating procedures. These were added at the last minute so Dianne did not get a copy. It was decided to wait to vote on these after everyone has had a chance to review these.

MOU with COAST: Karl read the memorandum of understanding between DAC and COAST. The accessible vehicles need to be ordered now before the money runs out. Karl presents this option to the board to have DAC provide the match with deliverables as attached.

  • Tom Trail moved to approve the match funds for MOU with COAST to front the match money, and COAST would repay the funds for one vehicle.
  • Dianne Milhollin seconded the motion
  • Motion passed unanimously


Costco Membership: Business membership goes through

  • Karl moved to accept funds as presented
  • Tom seconded the motion
  • Motion passed unanimously

Marketing Specialist Salary Increase: The board discussed raising the salary of Marketing Specialist by $1 an hour.

  • Karl moved to award an $1.00 an hour raise to the Marketing Specialist.
  • Tome seconded the motion
  • Motion passed unanimously

Health Insurance: Renew with Blue Cross, increase employee contributions, and increase waiting period to 90 days.

  • Karl moved accept new health insurance
  • Tom seconded the motion
  • Motion passed unanimously

Board Terms and Elections: Mark, with board permission, would like to offer Honorary Board Member position to Paulette Jordan. We will address that at the next meeting. Bill Foster stated his health is deteriorating and would like to shift to Honorary Board member. Most positions were up in 2017, but not sure how this happened.

  • Karl moved to renew everyone’s membership that is up except Bill Foster.
  • Dianne seconded the motion.
  • Motion passed unanimously.

Jean Coil has accepted the nomination for President.
Larry Topp has accepted the nomination for Vice President
Karl Johanson has accepted the nomination of Treasurer
Dianne Milhollin has accepted the nomination of Secretary

  • Karl moved to pass unanimous consent to staff of officers.
  • Motion passed unanimously
  • Tom Trail moved to send a letter/card to Bill Foster thanking for his service and inviting him to be an honorary member.
  • Sonja seconded the motion
  • Motion passed unanimously

Public Comments: none


  • Karl Johanson moved to adjourn.
  • Jean Coil seconded the motion.
  • Motion passed by unanimous vote.

Mark Leeper adjourned the meeting at 3:14 pm.