Dynamics of Drugs and Opioid Trends

Monday, December 4th
8:00 am - 3:30 pm
Fairfield Inn 1000 W Pullman Rd Moscow ID, 83843

This training will cover a wide array of various prescription drugs, drug trends,

overdoses, and impairment. Also included will be new drug references, marijuana

concentrates, new drug clothing, drug concealment methods, drug paraphernalia,

logos, youth party tendencies, trending synthetic drugs, inhalants, marijuana

legalization trends, new E-cigarettes, and popular party drugs.

Americans reported using a prescription drug for non-medical reasons in the past

year. Thousands of overdoses and deaths have occurred with narcotic analgesics and

sedative drugs, in 2016 alone. With the numbers increasing daily, it is imperative to

learn the recent trends in prescription drug abuse. This will include investigation

techniques, identifying impairment, and identifying the various different types of

products. All attendees will come away with the skills that allow for the detection of

people under the influence of the 7 major drug categories.

This training will open your eyes to the widespread usage of designer drugs, opioids,

herbal drugs, and drug impairment in our communities along with the associated

items involved with the drug culture.

Cost: $90.00 per person

Registrations limited to 90 attendees. Once filled the class will be closed.

Late fee after Friday, October 6th, 2017.

Credit Cards ONLY.

No refunds.

$20 administrative fee applied for substitutions, transfers.

Call 208-371-1283 for more information