Tall Cop Says Stop

Monday, December 4th
8:00 am - 3:00 pm Check in 7:30 am
Fairfield Inn 1000 W Pullman Rd Moscow ID, 83843

The Tall Cop is co-teaching with “Buzz”, a DRE instructor and expert on prescription pills. Only $90 if you pay before October 6th! Registration is limited to 90 attendees, so make sure you don’t wait to sign up!

This training will cover a wide array of various prescription drugs, drug trends, overdoses, and impairment. Also included will be new drug references, marijuana concentrates, new drug clothing, drug concealment methods, drug paraphernalia, logos, youth party tendencies, trending synthetic drugs, inhalants, marijuana legalization trends, new E-cigarettes, and popular party drugs.

This training will open your eyes to the widespread usage of designer drugs, opioids, herbal drugs, and drug impairment in our communities along with the associated items involved with the drug culture.

Sponsored by LCYAC. They will fund two participants from each community to attend this training. If you have an outstanding candidate in mind, please apply for a scholarship here.