Tools for Life Fair

Monday, March 9th
March 9th & 10th
Red Lion Inn 1555 Pocatello Creek Rd Pocatello ID, 83201

Tools for Life Fair is a secondary transition conference for students with disabilities, families, and secondary transition professionals. The event is presented as a typical professional conference with national keynote speakers and breakout sessions.

All student registrations and their paperwork must be submitted no later than January 21st, 2020. Parent signature is required on the student waiver documents, so please plan ahead and don’t miss your chance to register!

When you register a student, additional information will be requested including the student State ID number. Providing this information allows us to access federal funding, through Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (IDVR), which enables us to pay for the conference. There will be a place to write this information onto the Request for Pre-Employment Transition Services form which you can then either mail or fax to us. Also, if students are current VR clients, each student will need to meet with their VR counselor to add this service to their Individual Plan for Employment prior to the conference.

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