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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Always the promoter, a while back a contest came across my desk for a free respite trip scholarship for Hospice Caregivers. I pushed it out on social media and told the local Hospice providers about it. On a whim I decided to apply, since I have been the primary caregiver for my Mum since January.

The application process was simple and required a short essay on why you would like the particular trip you picked out. And you make the promise that you will send out a thank you to the sponsor (of course!) after the trip and blog or post about your experience on social media. Well, that was easy.

After the whole process was long forgotton, I received a letter in the mail letting me know I was the recipient of the trip I had chosen!

The trips are offered through a company called Road Scholars. Geared for us more “mature” folks, they have literally hundreds of trips, some multi-generational, some challenging, and some suited to a respite vacation like the one I chose.

After much deliberation, I picked an artisan trip to the Ozarks in the fall, an area that looked beautiful in the photos and I had never been to. I will be floating a river, exploring forests and caves, and seeing the local artisans create their homesteading crafts in the traditional manner.

But what excites me the most, after the past 8 grueling months of Mum-care, was that somebody else was planning the itinerary! Once there, everything is taken care of. They prepare my meals, take care of my lodgings, pick me up for the field trips, and entertain me with living history and live folk music presentations. And I get to meet other folks who care/cared for loved ones. After planning and taking care of every detail of my Mums life for 8 months, this idea is enough to make me giddy!

…More to come, as I will let you know about this experience in the rural south. I think there is banjo music in my future!

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