Letter from the Editor

One of the businesses that LIFE Inc does collaborative networking with is Neighbor Works  Pocatello.  There is a new “Little Free Library” in the College neighborhood!

NeighborWorks Pocatello’s Mini-Grant Program helped make this possible.  The Mini-Grant Program is funded by Spruce up the Neighborhood raffle ticket sales. And Little Free Library is part of a global movement to share books and promote a sense of community.

The way the Little Free Library works is simple. If you visit the site at 406 S. 6th and see a book you would like to read, take it. Return and bring books to contribute when you can. The library belongs to the neighborhood and to the community.

For instance, picking up my son at the brand new high school one morning last week. It’s a beautiful facility and I’m so glad my son has the next four years here. The new school is prepared in the event of an active shooter situation – it has lock down capabilities, limiting access to the school to just one entrance. This has significant importance this day in age with the increase in these senseless violent events.

callboxBut I found that when these front doors are locked, the only access is through the office, up two flights of stairs. When I asked how a parent who uses a chair would pick up their child for an appointment, it was pointed out that a call box has been installed. You simply would push the button and the door would be unlocked remotely by the secretary. Great plan! If only it had been installed on the outside of the locked door and not on the inside, mocking you through the glass. I guess they will be moving it in the future. In the meantime, the doors are unlocked – some of the time!