Letter from the Editor

My birthday is this month, and at my age I don’t need another do-dah or knick-knack. But something that really has the power to make me happy is accessibility. Since caring for my mum, I have become acutely aware of every little barrier that is in the way of her living life day to day.

For example – it took over a month to open a checking account for her. Every time I had set aside to take her to the bank to do just that, she was either ill, too tired, or just plain unable to make the trip from the parking lot to the inside of the bank. (God Bless drive thrus!) But after explaining the situation to the U.S. Bank, they gracefully agreed to accommodate my mother and allowed the paperwork to be done over the phone. We just pulled up in the accessible parking and they came out to finish the rest with Mum in the car. No that’s going above and beyond to be accessible!

It’s this desire businesses have to work with people with disabilities to find solutions that is behind BluePath. We have worked with a focus group from WSU to find ways to improve the site.

One idea they had has been implemented already. We have changed the programming so when you open the site from your smart phone or desktop, the location defaults to the area closest to you!

Now we need your help in populating the site with businesses like U.S. Bank that are willing to go the extra mile to serve their customers with disabilities. And it’s easy!

Just sign up as a Pathfinder. You can suggest an accessible business easily by clicking the “Add A Business” button at the bottom of the home page. Join the community to make this a more accessible world!

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