Letter from the Editor

img_4825 You may remember I won a trip through the Road Scholars Program. I had never heard of Road Scholars prior to this. I chose “An Ozark Experience” because it was an opportunity to see the culture and arts of the area.
And it didn’t disappoint. The scenery was spectacular, the locals friendly, the workshops entertaining and informative, the music was up close and lively, and the fellow travelers were interesting and fun.
But what I didn’t expect was how accessible such a trip is. My partner in crime for the week ended up being the only other single traveler on the trip, Eleanor. She was in her 90’s, but age hasn’t slowed her down. And she takes advantage of these trips all the time. (I think this was her 20th trip!)
Disability shouldn’t slow anyone down, or keep him or her from travelling. On this trip a driver with transportation was never far away. The lodgings were comfortable, and the restaurant accommodating.
funicular The Blanchard Springs Caverns we visited had accessible routes with elevators, handrails, and paved walkways. The park with the craft village had a funicular to help navigate the different levels. And the best part was each person was given a listening device so you could easily hear the guides, even if you wandered a bit.
The other travellers were so kind and friendly. Even though I did the trip alone, I always felt safe and secure. I wish I had known about these trips before, I know we would have taken one with my mother. She loved to travel but felt she couldn’t anymore. But the Road Scholar program would have been accessible to her.