Letter from the Editor

In my home care setting for my Mum, I have learned the value of talking to my peers – people who have been there. I have learned far more from them; my friends, my neighbors, my co-workers, than from any medical establishment.

I know the medical community wants to help, but their primary concern is “cure” and their suggestions for day to day issues are often no help at all.

From peers I have learned about room/bed alarms that let me know my mum is getting out of bed. This allows me to get to her in time to prevent falls AND allows me to sleep soundly in between, trusting the alarm will wake me if I’m needed.

I have learned best practices for bathing, making and serving meals, and even how best to set up her bedroom.

I have found out about Pocket Talker, the miracle device that lets us all watch TV together and not have it too loud.

I learned about Walker Skis, that Vicki Leepercan help prevent her tripping over floor mats in restaurants and stores.

I learned about a travel chair, a wheel chair small and light enough for even me to lift and put in the car, that can help me transport her outside safely.

I have learned how to lift her after a fall so I don’t get hurt, and about using gait assist to prevent falls in the first place.

Mostly I have learned to go to these sources first when I have questions. Not only does it not require the stress of an office visit for Mum, but alleviates the dependency on the medical community. And we are getting on just fine.

Now, if only someone can help me figure out how to help her remove her denture when it’s stuck!

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