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Slowing down or stopping a wheelchair can be difficult if you have poor hand strength. Tough Guy Design has an in-the-hand brake does that without adding width to the chair and allows users to keep their hands on the wheels at all times.




If you’ve ever wanted to control your computer screen like Tony Stark then the Thalmic Myo Armband is the toy for you. This non-invasive bit of hardware senses the electrical activity from your arm muscles, converts it into data and displays the intention on screen.



These glasses keep hearing impaired people part of the conversation j without bulky hearing aides. Conversations are captured and converted into real-life speech bubbles via built in speech recognition software and then projected on the lenses.


mouth mouse


This mouth operated mouse works like a joystick. The right click function is operated by pushing the mouthpiece toward the case. The left click function is emulated by a sensor that recognizes if the user sucks air through it. It can be connected via USB to nearly every PC and can be mounted on a standard tripod.



Rollaramp rolls up like a sleeping bag and is expandable to get the length you need. Can handle 1000 pound weight capacity and is built of lightweight aircraft aluminum. They even have Van Ramps that are more economical than expensive van conversions. Can be used for wheelchairs and scooters, for public entries and even boat to dock!