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A multi-purpose vehicle capable of delivering emergency housing and supplies to disaster areas then rapidly returning to base ready for another mission – that is the concept behind the Aid Necessities Transporter (A.N.T.).

During blackouts, LuminAID lights out-perform crank flashlights and lanterns. You can charge one up, slip it in your pocket before you leave camp and be assured that you’d have plenty of light to find your way back after dark. Or it can serve as a beacon of light if lost.



Life rafts are designed to sustain shipwrecked survivors for as long as possible, however finding a steady source of drinking water is a tremendous challenge while adrift at sea. Fortunately, Chinese Engineer Chao Gao has designed an award-winning experimental desalination product called C-Water that uses solar power to make drinking water.

lifestyle_scorpioncrank_etonYou don’t need to wait for an emergency to find a crank radio useful. The Eton Scorpion II is just as good for hiking and camping trips as it is for weathering storms. Getting advance warning of inclement weather heading your way can save your life, and the built-in power bank in this portable crank radio can recharge your cell phone so you can call for help.

The Survive Outdoors Longer Emergency Bivvy is made from the same heat-reflective polyethylene as Adventure Medical Kit’s world-famous emergency blankets (reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you), with the added benefit of being fully sealed so that no wind, rain, or snow can get inside.