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With UNI you can communicate with your peers in a whole new way. UNI uses a specialized camera that tracks both hands and all 10 fingers with incredible speed. Or voice to text software translates speech for millions out there.


pebble watch


Pebble App lets deaf people see what you say! Once two devices are paired, a person speaks directly into their smartphone whatever they want to say and the app will display it as text on the screen of a smartwatch




Solar ear makes lightweight, hearing devices that can be recharged with solar power. Their company uses the bottom-up approach to innovation. Their workers, who are deaf, invented the first rechargeable hearing aid, and the first solar charger. Each comes with a full 2 year warrenty.




Music for deaf peopleNow there is music for deaf people! The Coroflot design lets a person wear and feel their music with an expandable headset, with buttons to turn up or down. Electricity makes the membrane resonate treble, mid-range and bass sound. You can feel music by vibration!


autoblogSafety is obviously a concern with automobiles. Vibering is a device worn by a deaf person, and can sense hybrid or electric vehicles and would vibrate with varying intensity depending on where the vehicle is located and how far it is from the wearer. Besides helping locate vehicles, the rings could also be preprogrammed to listen for other designated sounds.