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Scuba diving has shown numerous advantages as a social and physical rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities, allowing them to interact in a near weightless state, where barriers that exist on land disappear in water when given the right equipment and training.


Looking to spend a quiet afternoon enjoying the outdoors and scenery or thrill seeking on the rapids? The first thing to do is find an adaptive kayaking program where instructors can get you fitted to the right boat, show you what you need, and teach you the basics.



US Sailing supports adaptive sailing by providing resources to help you learn about adaptive facilities, proper equipment, staff train, and funding. Whether you want to start your own program and need instructor training or you are just looking for an accessible place to sail, they cover it all.

Water skiing was introduced to the disability community with the development of the sit-ski. Today there is a variety of adaptive equipment to allow people with various disabilities to enjoy the sport. Even skiers with vision impairments can ski using whistle signals. Ucanski1 provides information on the various technology available.


Onit Ability Paddle Boards has a unique adaptive paddle board system that incorporates a stand-up board, all-terrain surf chair, and custom ramp which allows a wheelchair user to roll onto the board unaided. All of it locks securely in place. Outriggers lend stability as the rider skims across the waters surface. Outriggers can be removed one paddlers have mastered the balance.