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BioKite is designed using the same proven aerodynamic principles that allow jumbo jets to fly. This birdlike kite can soar in indoors allowing the disabled and anyone with mobility restrictions a chance to fly a kite.



Powerchair hockey


Eight countries will compete in the highly coveted International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Powerchair Hockey Championships, July 11-18, including Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and current World Champions, The Netherlands.




Kickin It in The Kitchen is a YouTube cooking show led by David doc Robertson, a quadriplegic. He tools around his kitchen in his electric wheelchair and teaches you techniques for cooking your own meals. Learn to make everything from Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich to Indoor Tailgaiting plans.

wheelchair fencing


Wheelchair Fencing was introduced in 1954 and was recognized for as an addition to the sports practiced from a wheelchair. With the advent of better chair technology, the popularity of the sport spread to included foil, epee and sabre competitions.


accessible kayak


Outfitting a Kayak for paddlers with a disability provides information on how to take part in this sport. Kayaking is like backpacking, except everything is stored in the boat and paddling replaces walking. You can explore environments and challenges independently.