News from DAC NW


Since July is National Parks and Recreation Month, DAC NW wants to take a moment and look at how advocating for accessibility in our community parks is good for all.

accessible bbqIn 2014, DAC surveyed all six city parks in Pullman and found not one of them fully accessible. After meeting with Parks Director Alan and City Planner, they developed a plan for making them accessible and immediately started construction on Reaney Park, one of their most used community parks for summer concerts and the National Lentil Festival. Although not finished yet, they have added accessible parking, removed barriers to the splash pad, drinking fountain, and playground and added an accessible BBQ space.

DAC has worked with Coeur d’Alene to make Tubbs Hill accessible and continues working with the city as they are checking into adding an accessible non-motorized launch there for small water craft.

Future site of accessible skate park in PalouseThe small City of Palouse is a perfect example of forward thinking. Before tackling any community park project, they seek out DAC’s help and make sure things are accessible BEFORE construction begins. Their new skate park will be a wonderful addition to the community and includes plans for an accessible overlook garden with accessible parking. Now that’s vision!