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The ADA Center Idaho helps you to advocate with Technical Assistance!

advocateLet’s say you are attending a concert at the North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene. You call ahead to purchase tickets and let them know you use a wheelchair. When you arrive, following their instructions, the ushers won’t allow you to sit where you purchased your seat, separate you from your group and seat you in the rear.

Or, it’s your first time out with your elderly mom and you need to park as close as possible to Gritman Medical Center in Moscow to get her inside. You find both accessible parking spaces blocked by an imaging trailer and become both angry and confused about where to park with your placard now.

Both of these situations are real. But what gives you an advocating advantage was using the NW ADA Center Idaho to find the technical assistance to give your voice power.

We helped by stating exactly which laws of the ADA were in violation. But more than that, we offer, in a positive manner, several inexpensive solutions to choose from to make sure the issue doesn’t arise again.

Yes, we’ve heard back from NIC and Scheuler Auditorium. They are busy installing new wheelchair accessible seating in several areas throughout the theater and are working with their staff to train them on best possible ways to interact with people with disabilities.

And, yes, we have heard back from Gritman Medical Center, where their staff is finding a permanent solution to the accessible parking problem. Positive advocacy can effect change in your community at the grass roots level. We are here to help you by providing the technical stuff!


The NW ADA Center-Idaho participated in Disability Awareness Day at the State Capitol on
February 23. They shared a booth with the Idaho SILC and handed out materials to legislators on how to create an accessible campaign. With more than 15% of voting age Idahoans having disabilities; it is important in this election year that information is available to all. Have accessible venues for debates, forums, and town hall meetings including accessible parking and
services for for deaf and hard of hearing. All campaign media needs to be closed captioned. And
communication between voters and legislators should be accessible for those with sensory impairments. Provide mailing material in Braille for those who request it. A complete copy of this information is available here:  Thanks to Mel at SILC for creating this!

The NW ADA Center-Idaho also provided a photo booth where attendees could get their pictures taken.

Dana Gover copyDana Gover, MPA, and ACTCP Certification, ADA Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator
Phone: Voice and Text 208-841-9422
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