NEWS from LIFE Inc.

web_voucher_logoLIFE staff have been very busy these past two months.  Two projects have proven to be very worthwhile and important to our consumers in both Idaho Falls and Pocatello concerning Community Development Block Grant funding.

In Idaho Falls, LIFE works with the City with Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and has three home modifications currently in progress.  The one just completed was a bathroom project of widening the door and a roll in shower.  The other two projects are about ready to begin.

In Pocatello, LIFE has been working with the City and a consulting group studying housing and community development needs required to obtain federal Community Development Block Grant funds.  In the final stakeholder focus group, the number one consensus of needs was affordable accessible housing; of which housing rehabilitation for low and disabled populations is the greatest concern. This is not a new finding in almost any city concerning individuals with disabilities, however.

LIFE also has a “Taxi Voucher Program” in Pocatello which assists an already pretty good public transportation system in allowing people with disabilities more freedom to move about the community.  This program is a
collaboration of the three taxi companies in the city and LIFE, Inc.

Vouchers are purchased from LIFE for ten dollars but are worth twenty dollars of taxi rides from the three taxi vendors.  These vouchers can be used for any ride anywhere the service is provided.  LIFE at this time has no private taxi that is wheelchair accessible as the last accessible taxi was in an accident a few years ago and has not been replaced at this time.

There were over 83 rides during the past two months so this program is being used for work, shopping, church, entertainment, or whatever an individual choice is to go wherever.