Technology for Independent Living

QuikiksQuikiks Shoes! – Look Ma, no hands!

Quikiks are the first fully supportive, totally hands-free operable shoes, allowing people with various  challenges to easily step into the shoes and have them automatically
fasten without the need to bend over or use their hands. j

Getting out is easy too – simply strike the heel on the ground and they pop open, allowing your foot to slide out.

Available in sport shoes, dress shoes and womens styles, this allows you to complete the look you want easily.

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Handy HelperLittle Kitchen Helpers by MaxiAids

“Makes Cooking Safer and Easier”

The Handy Helper is a non-absorbent food grade polypropylene cutting board with two stainless steel spikes that hold food in place, making cutting, slicing and peeling easier. This dexterity aid allows you to keep your hand safely out of the way as you cut. Also features handy corner guards to keep food from sliding off the board Mounted on four suctions cups for anchoring board securely to kitchen counters and tables.