Technology for Independent Living

STRSAM40014-2Strong Arm Forearm Cane

Lightweight, height adjustable mobility device that provides greater support, stability, and safety as compared to other forearm crutches. Uniquely combines a handgrip and bracing element in a handle that shifts loads from wrists to forearms, providing better support than a conventional cane. The bracing action of the cradle fully stabilizes the wrist, making the Strong Arm feel like a solid extension of the arm. Hook like cradle makes it easy to prop against a wall or hang from a chair. From $38.



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Grip Solutions

Unique non-slip material products to help with a variety of tasks.

Think about being able to place a cup of water on your lap and make it all the j way to the living room without spilling a drop!

GRIP Features:

  • Easy to clean & disinfect
  • Tactile friendly, not sticky or tacky
  • Latex free
  • Heat stable to 240 degrees
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Variety of colors