Technology for Independent Living

By current estimates, more than 4,000 assistive technologies have been designed for the disabled and seniors. These devices include everything from wheelchairs to a wide assortment of high-tech tools and many companies today are turning their research and development to assistive technologies.

If you think you could benefit from using an assistive device, consulting your local Center for Independent Living. Find out what is available to suit your needs. You can also obtain information about assistive devices from catalogs and seniors’ magazines.

bionic handA recent development is the 3D Printed Bionic Hand by Open Bionics. This 3D Printed Bionic Hand is made for people without hands to give them the ability to function with a hand. It is 3D printed, can be made at home, and for a fraction of the cost. This prosthetic was developed to give disabled people more control over their lives and accessibility.



These are microwave activated, ready for use in just a minute and are applied directly o the side of pain or cold to provide immediate relief. They continue to deliver therapeutic moist heat for up to 30 minutes. Washable, odor-free, won’t dry out or support bacteria growth. About $13




0004906-vivi-duo-handle-red-with-arthritis-friendly-grip-and-clip-on-designVIVI DUO HANDLE CUP HOLDER
Innovative ergonomic handle attaches to everyday mugs, glasses and bottles. Turns single handled cup into 2 handle cup. Protects hands and fingers from hot mug surfaces. Increases grip and stability when drinking. Clip-on design easily snaps on and off. About $13

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