Technology for Independent Living

sady-paulson-2Apple’s new Accessibility Website uses video to show assistive technology in action

The new redesigned website shows Apple’s assistive tech in action with short 30-second videos. This technology is changing the lives of people with disabilities around the globe, enhancing the way they interact with the world on a daily basis.

The videos demonstrate using a phone to power hearing aids for a hearing impaired user, using an Apple Watch to track wheelchair workouts for an athlete who uses a chair, using VoiceOver for a person who is blind to navigate an iPhone to take photos, or demonstrating “Switch Control”, an option that comes standard with all devices so you can navigate Apple produces using commands enabled by just two buttons you tap with your head.

Standardized accessibility has always been important to Apple, the company wants to make their products universally available to all users. The new site isn’t only about displaying game-changing tech, it is about challenging how people see individuals with disabilities, showing real people celebrating the capabilities the have with the help of assistive tech.

You can view the videos here.

telecoilEstimated that 48 Million are Living with Hearing Loss

25% of Americans use hearing aids, but its estimated that 70% deny, hide, are unaware of hearing loss or cannot afford hearing aids!

Telecoils help make your hearing aids more effective by shutting out background noise, allowing you to focus on the sounds you want to hear. By shutting off the microphone, they can search for an electromagnetic signal such as your phone, or a public or private loop system. Some hearing aids allow you to use both the microphone and telecoil at the same time.

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