Technology for Independent Living

screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-10-59-01-amA ComforTek Chair Let’s You Age in Place

The Royal EZ chairs are a stylish, die-cast, aluminum-framed armed chair designed to give you elegance, durability with mobility. The wood grain finish applied to each frame enhances the décor of your dining room. Safer than a wheeled office chair, these chairs give mobility options. You can guide a seated person to the table with ease and grace – so easy a child can do it! Safer because it locks. And the locking swivel action makes it easy to safely transfer from walker to the chair and then be seated at your dining table. And they are easy to clean, liquids won’t penetrate the cushion. They even come in sizes up to 30” wide with a 600 pound frame rating. This chair provides a practical solution to a mealtime problem. You can watch a video on how easy the chair is to use at

0000417-three-prong-liquid-level-indicator-blackLiquid Level Indicator Provides Double Warning

Never again risk the embarrassment and inconvenience of overfilling your dinner glass or coffee mug with this alerting indicator. This tech-savvy device will offset messy clean ups. Hang it on any cup or glass with a rim thinner than 3/8” and you’ll know when to stop pouring. A chirping noise is sounded when the first sensor touches liquid. If the liquid continues to be poured and contacts the second sensor, a higher-pitched noise will warn you to stop. The device is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse to take with you and has an easy to replace battery.
About $13 from