Working Out – Do What You Can!

SCI Total FitnessHow do you get a good workout with a disability? For example a stroke can cause weakness of one side more than the other. Sometimes that arm may not move much at all, maybe just a shoulder shrug. Every Body Fitness recommends that you try to do whatever you can with that side – even if it is not actually moving much, but you are thinking about the movement! Studies have shown that brain practice helps in neurorecovery. It’s also recommended not using your strong arm to move your weak arm because this would limit the brain’s work, and limit the effort of the workout. Just do what you can!

Another issue is balance. If you have to work to keep your balance, then your ability to push your workout to the intensity that it needs to be will be limited. Make yourself stable for your aerobic or strengthening workout, and work on your balance as a separate workout. The good news is that by strengthening your muscles while stable will help contribute to improving your balance! What this means is that even if you can stand, if you have to be careful not to fall from this standing position, then you won’t be able to lift as much weight or move as quickly as if you did the workout sitting. Every Body Fitness recommends sitting if this is your situation. If you have trouble with your sitting balance, scoot forward in your chair to get more support in order to workout with more intensity.

The last challenge is coordination. If you have the strength and agility to do a full body workout, but have difficulty coordinating your movements, then pick a simpler workout. As you keep practicing, it will get easier, and you will be able to try more complex routines. But again, do what you can so that you can push the intensity of your workout.

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