Yes It’s Hard to Give Up Your Guide Dog Puppy

amie-and-patrickEvery guide dog puppy raiser gets asked, “Is it hard to give them up?” The answer is an emphatic yes!

Guide dog puppy raiser Amie Chapman says that after 12 years and 15 puppies, it doesn’t get any easier. Her recent pup, Patrick, was one of the hardest goodbyes to do. But knowing how the dogs are handled for their formal training makes it easier.

Amie made sure to schedule all the “lasts” that she wanted to do with Patrick once she received the letter saying he is no longer a puppy and will go into formal training. Despite being a challenging and exhausting puppy, he won her heart. There will be another puppy in her future and she’s sure to fall in love with the next one too. Patrick will always have a piece of her heart.