Ramp It Up Project


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A variety of access ramps have been purchased and distributed throughout northern Idaho at no cost to the recipients. For some of these recipients, it means everything to be able to stay in their own home.

Originally funded in September of 2016 with a $17,500.00 grant from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation it provided money to purchase a variety of modular aluminum ramp systems that are designed to address different needs. These have been deployed to community members on a short- or long-term loan basis, with volunteer labor from community service organizations like Palouse Habitat for Humanity and Moscow Central Lions Club. It also paid for transportation costs and for a new trailer to move the ramps to different locations. “We ran into road blocks with our volunteers finding the use of a large enough pick up to move the ramps when needed,” said program manager Mellowdee Brooks of DAC NW. “Now it’s as easy as loading the sections on the low deck of the trailer, hooking up and off they go.”

But a recent installation left very few components left. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please make a donation so we can purchase new parts and continue to install ramps to those who need them.