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15% of the world population, or 1 billion people, have a disability (Gartner, December 2013). That represents $8 trillion as the estimated amount of disposable income that is held by people with disabilities and their immediate family and friends. Over 54 million people in the U.S. have a disability, the largest minority group in America.

DAC can help your business reach this market effectively.

Interact videoDisability Awareness Training for businesses: join the ranks of Siemens Corporation, Northern Trust Bank, Whole Foods Market, and other businesses to become leaders in disability-aware service. Learn how you and your staff can interact naturally and confidently with people with disabilities. When it’s unfamiliar, it might feel uncomfortable, but we’ve got just the tools for you. Contact Mark Leeper to set up your training now.


ADA and the Small Business: Access means business! DAC can assess the visitor-readiness of your communities and businesses. We want to help you move towards increased economic activity and compliance with existing laws. We can help you discover financial and technical support to help you remove barriers, reduce your liability, provide tax benefits and get customers in the door!
>ADA Quick Guide 2017
>Information about Medical Office accessibility
>Hiring? Make sure your Web Based Applications are accessible to all.
>For more ideas to make your business more accessible download our PDF: 25 ways to make your business accessible


Run a business in the hospitality industry? Here’s a quick video on how to provide excellent accessible service.




Building a Website? The Department of Justice takes the position that websites are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Find out Seven Things Retailers Can Do Now to make your website accessible!

Service Dog



Questions about Service Animals? 
Learn your rights as a business regarding service animals and companion animals. We can provide information and training on how to handle these situations. DAC understands the challenges faced by communities and businesses. Businesses and governments alike risk fines of up to $10,000 for noncompliance should someone decide to file a complaint.



How to Survey your Parking Lot for ADA Accessibility.
This YouTube is an instructional video on helping you to survey your parking lot to provide a more accessible entrance to your business! Not sure how many accessible parking spaces you are required to have? Click here for an easy calculator that can find out about parking and other accessible features your business needs.


Hire a veteran

Hire a veteran

Resource Guide for Employers
Information on recruiting, hiring, retaining and promoting people with disabilities. Targeted at businesses of all sizes this publication addresses leading practices in four key areas: 1) hiring (including strategies for recruiting youth and veterans with disabilities); 2) retention and promotion; 3) providing reasonable accommodations; and 4) understanding responsibilities under the ADA, Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act, and other related regulations. Employers can use this tool as an easy reference guide for implementing a new breed of curb cuts – inclusive policies and practices that empower more Americans with disabilities to contribute their skills and talents in the workplace, and more businesses to benefit from them.