Communication Services

What we now call the digital divide actually began long before the introduction of computers – barriers have existed and still exist today with telephones, television, the Internet and more. People with disabilities have many different accessibility needs. DAC can empower you to be a disability advocate and work to ensure that these barriers are removed.

Provision of Auxiliary Aids and Services

DAC can help you find effective interpretation and how to arrange for a qualified interpreter when needed for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. Understand what rights you have for having communication assistance provided so that you can have equal opportunity to participate in services, activities, programs and other benefits.

Need assistance in acquiring hearing aids?

This document can help you afford the listening devices you may need.
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What is Effective Communication?

Understanding your rights in receiving effective communication is key. And a business or government entity looking to provide effective communication can benefit from this guide: Effective communication Guide Government 8-13-17 2