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6 New Gadgets Helping People With Disabilities

The 27th Annual International Tech and Persons With Disabilities Conference in San Diego.
 At the convention, tech companies unveil gadgets that help people living with disabilities in their daily lives.
Mashable got an early look at some of the latest assistive tech products on display at the show, hosted by the California State University, Northridge. Check out the products above, which help alleviate conditions such as hearing loss, vision loss, and loss of hand motion.
There are plenty of big names in the house. IBM, Google, Adobe and Microsoft will all be hosting events at the conference. Google will be discussing accessibility in some of its most popular products, such as Chrome, Google Docs and Android.
The U.S. government is also making a strong showing, with sessions hosted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Transportation, the Access Board and the Department of Labor.

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