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Disability Action Center NW


AbilityLinks is a web-based community where job seekers with disabilities, inclusive employers and service providers meet and gain access to valuable networking opportunities.

Networking is accomplished through, a free nationwide job opportunity website for persons with disabilities and inclusive employers, similar to niche web sites set up to serve minorities, women and ethnic groups protected by equal opportunity employment laws.

By posting a resume on AbilityLinks, job seekers leverage their disability status to connect with businesses that use AbilityLinks to increase their disability diversity and expand their applicant pool.

Experienced and knowledgeable Information and Referral Counselors that happen to have a disability, offer live person support to employers, jobs seekers and service providers:

  • Information about job accommodations, tax credits and disability benefits
  • Help for using the website to find jobs and recruit candidates
  • Alert employers and job seekers to possible matches
  • Job search advice and consultation
  • Referrals to local programs that provide job placement and disability recruitment services

Non profits, businesses and government agencies can also join the AbilityLinks Consortium to gain access to additional networking opportunities and express support for AbilityLinks mission: Increasing employment of qualified persons with disabilities.