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Disability Action Center NW

Assistive Technology

MagnafierPortable Fold-able Smartphone Screen Magnifier with Stand and Holder
Lightweight and convenient, Portable Foldable Smartphone Screen Magnifier provides affordable and clear magnification that you can take with you wherever you go. Weighing just 3.6 ounces, this enlarged screen mobile magnifier comes with a stand and phone holder that fits iPhones, Samsung Android smartphones and most other models. Simply move the screen up from the folded position, pull on the smartphone holder located on the base behind the screen to flip it up, and place your cell phone in the horizontal / sideways view position. Adjust the plastic magnifier screen to your liking by moving it up or down and then enjoy the enhanced view that you can use for reading text messages and website articles, watching videos and movies, or anything else that is being displayed on your device. About $20.

Outdoor Step“Step Easily, Safely & Securely into Your Home! Outdoor Step by Reizen.
Enter confidently and securely into your home! Reduce the rise and effort required in half when stepping up into your doorway from a stoop, landing or path. The large platform on this Outdoor Step makes it easier for the elderly and those with mobility limitations such as leg injuries to lift their feet & remain steady while stepping up. Use indoors or out. Comes with slip-resistant rubber mat. Drainage holes prevent moisture build-up for a non-slip step. Made of sturdy, rust-free, weather-resistant polypropylene plastic. Supports up to 440 lbs. Under $25.00


doorknobSingle Super Grip Handle

  • Soft and comfortable door knob gripper
    Works on door knobs, sink knobs and outdoor water faucets
    Smooth outer surface allows a gentle stroke of the hand to turn the knob

Set of 2 under $15.00


Key holderGiant Key Holder
Eliminates pressure on hands. Holds 2 keys Under $10. Items may be found online at