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Disability Action Center NW

Caravan for Disability Freedom calls for equity and justice on cross-country journey

by Daniela Julio-Cano  KLEW TV Tue, April 9th 2024 at 4:54 PM

LAPWAI, ID – The Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice is a project put on by individuals from around the country with disabilities to bring attention to disability equity and justice.

” That we are part of the communities, that we want to be part of the communities, that we want to serve our communities and we feel like communities got to serve us, ” Disability Action Center Northwest Executive Director Mark Leeper said.

Since the beginning of March, many of the members have been driving around the country to spread awareness.

Yesterday’s caravan stop took place in Lapwai.

Mark Leeper is one of the drivers, he has driven from Sacramento, California, making his way through other parts of Northern California and Oregon.

There’s one goal in mind for those caravanning around the country.

” We want to draw attention, that there’s still a lot of things we need to do, we passed the Americans with Disabilities Act. We’ve had significant improvements in a lot of areas,” Leeper said.

Americans with disabilities still face daily issues, from the need for accessible and effective institutions to proper assistance for those needing to live or work at home.

The caravan is dedicated to Latonya Reeves Freedom Act which addresses the need for people with disabilities to receive home support as an alternative to institutionalization.

” We want to let people with a disability know that hey you have a right just like everybody else, go out and vote, express what you need,” Leeper said.

The caravan made a stop in Moscow earlier this morning and will now be heading to Spokane.