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Disability Action Center NW

Life Enrichment

Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute

Helloooooo all you nature lover fans! This is the one armed bandit….burning up the keyboard, coming to you from Disability Action Center’s main office in Moscow located at the gateway

Travelling Abroad with a Disability

In today’s world, travel isn’t restrictive. Regardless of whether you’re fit and healthy, have a physical impairment; learning disability or other condition, there is no excuse to avoid travelling. You’ll

Peer Support Group

When working with people or even just answering calls, I noticed there was a desperate need for people with a disability to meet other people with the same disability. Being

Ham Radio and Disabilities

Disabilities often frustrate communication, as I know from personal experience as one of an estimated 7.6 million Americans with hearing difficulty. I am also a federally licensed amateur radio operator

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