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Disability Action Center NW

Peer Advocacy Counseling

A helping hand for college students with autism

UI’s Raven Scholars Project continues to be key resource during pandemic, migration to online learning. Fluorescent lights and computers buzz like wasps. Every scratch of a pencil, every scrape of

In-Home Support

Slayer of Words

Forward by Vicki Leeper, Disability Action Center NW: The following article broaches the subject of independence and how individual the meaning of that word is. We’ve all experienced a toddler

Disability Pride

About 23 years ago, in early 1994, Lillian Gonzales Brown and I created the Institute on Disability Culture. Our mission statement, vision and purpose all fit in this statement, “Promoting

Life with a Disability

Everybody keeps asking me what my future holds and what I plan on doing with myself and this life. As much as I try to come up with some socially

The Process of Getting a New….Leg!

   Today I thought I’d write for you about something I get asked about a lot; what happens when I need a new prosthetic leg. An appointment day starts by

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