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Coeur d’Alene local inspires city to build accessible boat launch

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — A local man who advocated for people with disabilities has inspired the city to build an accessible dock/kayak launch along the east side of Tubbs Hill.

Tom McTevia tragically died last year in an accident. However, the city said McTevia inspired them to provide the kayak launch.

“That guy went everywhere,” said Virgil Edwards, a friend of the late McTevia. “He went places that would scare the heck out of the average person.”

McTevia was a veteran and former police officer who had to use a wheelchair after an ATV crash. After the accident, he devoted his life to advocating for the disabled, and fought to make the trail at the east entrance to Tubbs Hill more welcoming for people in wheelchairs.

Now, the city is working on an accessible boat launch at the same location in his name. The project includes the launch, a new offloading area, a new bathroom and a memorial to McTevia.

“The boat launch was something that Tom had come up with,” said Edwards. “He enjoys kayaking.”

“The thing Tom did was really motivate us to look at this Disability Access Project,” explained Sam Taylor, a deputy city administrator. The city plans to have the ramp completed by fall of next year.

You can watch the video here.

A meeting with the commissioners has been planned for December 19th at the CDA Public Library at 5:30 pm. Please come out and show your support!