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Disability Action Center NW

Community Partnerships of Idaho

The services and supports we provide include:
Developmental Therapy: Developmental therapy involves lots of
hands-on experience. We help children, teens and adults become more independent and involved in their community. We do this by working with individuals to develop their skills for daily living, socialization, self-help and communication.
Employment Services: Our task in employment services is to access and place individuals with varying disabilities into jobs in the community. These services include vocational evaluations, community based work evaluations, pre-employment job seeking skills workshops, job placement, work adjustment, follow along supports, and long-term job coaching under community supported employment.
Mental Health Services: The Psycho-Social Rehabilitation program provides case management and psychoeducation to children, adolescents and adults diagnosed with chronic and persistent mental illness. This service can be provided in the home or in the community. Our Boise clinic offers counseling services and medication management.
Service Coordination: Service Coordinators help families meet their children’s therapeutic, medical, economic and educational needs. Service Coordinators arrange for services and transportation, monitor your child’s progress towards goals and educate parents about options available in their community.
IBI Services: IBI (Intensive Behavioral Intervention) is a oneon-one intervention program for children who have self-injurious, aggressive and/or severe deficits in communication, leisure or play skills. This program assists the child in decreasing the behaviors that interfere with learning and increase those behaviors necessary for learning and communication.