Identity & Trauma: When who we are affects how we are

Monday, August 22nd
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm MDT

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: 1) What is self-identity? • Defining concept of “identity” • Defining “self-identity” • Factors that influence identity; different kinds of identity • Exercises on self-identity – coming to an understanding of self, describing self to other people, defining characteristics • Unsatisfactory principle – no level of description will fully capture all of you 2) What is trauma? • Defining trauma: Understanding how something can be considered “traumatic” 3) Integration of identity and trauma • Basic/universal trauma and traumatic susceptibility • Identity-specific trauma/trauma susceptibility • CONCLUSION – Allyship. Someone else is the most credible person of their own story

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Vikash Ravi (he/him, they/them), is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Plano, Texas that specializes in providing trauma-informed and culturally competent therapy services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. He currently works as a Sexual Assault Counselor for the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center (DARCC) and runs a Private Practice that sees a variety of adult and adolescent clients. Vikash is a strong advocate for normalizing inclusive therapeutic practices that are client-centered, strengths-based, and empowerment-focused.

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