Supporting Communities and Improving Systems: Intersectionality/ies and Traumatic Brain Injury

Friday, March 11th
10:00 am PST

Communities, and their social systems, can be significantly impacted by incidences of brain injury. These injuries can be sustained in multiple situations and environments (e.g., occupational, domestic violence, institutional settings, community events, etc.), which requires a robust defense to facilitate optimal outcomes. While the risk remains present, steps can be taken to ensure awareness and access to resources better enable communities to become stronger supporters of people living with a brain injury.

Consider how the complex and cumulative factors in daily life influence multiple forms of discrimination (i.e., racism, sexism, classism) to combine, overlap, or intersect. It becomes self-evident living with the aftereffects of a brain injury has inherent intersectionality that can have broad repercussions throughout communities, even disproportionality impacting marginalized people and groups. Our conference will provide presentations and in-depth discussions on the multitude of intersections of brain injury and subsequent lived experiences that can fundamentally change our communities.

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