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Totally Accessible Car

“The KENGURU® gives you the independence you have been looking for! Whether it is commuting to and from work, visiting family and relatives or just meeting up with some friends to have fun, the KENGURU® will help you to do it on your own.”

Ellis Hamburger of the Verge, in a report on February 14, 2014, stated the following: “Kenguru’s electric car has no seats, and you drive it by putting your hands on motorcycle-style handlebars. It’s transportation custom built for wheelchair users, who can roll right through the rear hatch of the car into the driver’s area. The Austin-based company is preparing to launch its first product, which has an estimated range of 60 miles on an eight-hour charge. When it finally goes into production in 12-18 months, the vehicle will cost you $25,000, but that’s before factoring in green energy and mobility tax incentives from the government.

Kenguru, which is Hungarian for “kangaroo,” was founded in Hungary but moved to the US when it struggled to find venture capital. A larger one is in the design stages to accommodate larger style wheelchairs. There are also plans to design the operation by a joystick rather than the handlebars.

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