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House Bill 221- Medicaid Cost Containment and Health Improvement Act is scheduled to be heard this Tuesday, March 8th, at 1:30 probably in the West Wing Auditorium on the Garden Level. Anyone who can attend needs to do so.

Please call the following House Health & Welfare Committee Members tomorrow or over the weekend at their homes. Please don’t wait. If you live in their district please tell them so.

I encourage you to also ask committee members for the same amount of time the education hearings have been given.

Attached is the position statement from the Idaho Association of Developmental Disability Providers on House Bill 221- Medicaid Cost Containment and Health Improvement Act, House Bill 221, and the Statement of Purpose.

House Health & Welfare Committee

Representative Janice McGeachin (R) – Chair E-mail (No home phone number please call tomorrow)

District 32, Idaho Falls
House Seat A
6121 N. 5th W., Idaho Falls, 83401
Bus (208) 523-1718
FAX (208) 529-9936

Legislative Desk Phone Number: 332-1189

Representative Carlos Bilbao (R) – Vice Chair E-mail

District 11, Emmett
House Seat B
2062 Corral Rd., Emmett, 83617
Home (208) 365-9438
Legislative Desk Phone Number: 332-1052

Representative Thomas Loertscher (R) E-mail

District 31, Iona
House Seat B
1357 Bone Rd., Iona, 83427
Home (208) 522-3072
Legislative Desk Phone Number: 332-1183

Representative Paul Shepherd (R) E-mail

District 8, Riggins
House Seat B
P.O. Box 277, Riggins, 83549
Home (208) 628-3695
Legislative Desk Phone Number: 332-1067

Representative Steven Thayn (R) E-mail

District 11, Emmett
House Seat A
5655 Hillview Rd., Emmett, 83617
Home (208) 365-6614
Legislative Desk Phone Number: 332-1040

Representative Fred Wood (R) E-mail

District 27, Burley
House Seat B
P.O. Box 1207, Burley, 83318-0828
Home (208) 312-1056
Legislative Desk Phone Number: 332-1074

Representative Jim Guthrie (R) E-mail

District 29, McCammon
House Seat B
425 W. Goodenough Rd., McCammon, 83250
Home 254-3605
Legislative Desk Phone Number: 332-1086

Representative Ken Roberts (R) E-mail

District 8, Donnelly
House Seat A
P.O. Box 1177, Donnelly, 83615
Home (208) 634-0050

Legislative Desk Phone Number: 332-1120

Representative John Rusche (D) E-mail

District 7, Lewiston
House Seat B
1405 27th Ave., Lewiston, 83501
Home (208) 743-1339

Legislative Desk Phone Number: 332-1130

Representative Susan Chew (D) E-mail

District 17, Boise
House Seat B
1304 Lincoln Ave., Boise, 83706
Home (208) 344-0098

Legislative Desk Phone Number: 332-1049

Christine Pisani

Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities

Program Specialist

700 W. State Street, 1st Floor

Boise, ID 83702-5868

Phone: 208-334-2178

Fax: 208-334-3417

Toll Free: 1-800-544-2433