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Highlights of Disability Resource Group Event Hosted by HSBC

On the evening of July 19, 2010, HSBC hosted an NBDC Disability Employee Resource Group event at their midtown office in New York City, to bring together resource group leaders and members to share information on their firm’s disability employee resource group, with a focus on best practices.

Following a welcome by Deborah R. Price, First Vice President, Director Commercial Compliance for HSBC Bank, panelists Monica Bell of HSBC Bank, Judy Hirsch of National Grid, Sandra Busby of Pfizer, and Jeffrey Pledger of Verizon sharedinformation and experiences while providing information on their group’s name, mission and goals, structure and meeting schedule, innovative aspects of their programs, challenges, suggestions on maintaining momentum, and guidance to other firms interested in initiating similar programs.

Information on National Grid’s Employee Resource Group,Enabling , previously appeared in the January 2010 Issue of theNBDC Review. Information on the disability employee resource groups of the other presenting firms will appear in future issues of the NBDC Review. For additional information on how you can participate in this initiative, contact Lana Smart at 516.465.1510 or email ¡