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How AbilityLinks Works

AbilityLinks is a nationwide, web-based community where job seekers with disabilities and inclusive employers meet and gain access to valuable networking opportunities.

How AbilityLinks Works

If you’re a person with disability, you are protected by equal opportunity employment law and subject to affirmative action by federal contractors. You can take advantage of your protected status by using AbilityLinks to post your resume, apply for jobs and network with inclusive employers.

If you’re an inclusive business seeking to identify qualified candidates with disabilities, you can use AbilityLinks to post jobs, search resumes and review job applications submitted through Posting jobs and searching resumes is free.

Any job seeker who chooses to voluntarily disclose having a disability may use AbilityLinks. A referral or funding source is not required and no information about disability type is asked.

AbilityLinks is more than a website. Via live chat, phone and email, experienced and knowledgeable Information and Referral Counselors, that happen to have a disability, offer free support:

Offer job search advice and consultation
Alert employers and job seekers to matches
Provide information about job accommodations, tax credits and disability benefits
Make referrals to local programs that provide job placement and disability recruitment services
AbilityLinks Benefits

AbilityLinks‘ unique approach to promoting disability diversity has a proven track record of success. Over 500 job seekers have reported finding employment so far and website traffic continues to grow each year:
By offering a platform for voluntary disclosure, AbilityLinks empowers job seekers to interact directly with inclusive employers
Easy way for businesses to identify qualified applicants with disabilities
Demonstrates a business is an equal opportunity employer
Demonstrates affirmative action for federal contractors
Free job search and disability recruitment advice
Free to search resumes and post individual jobs
Free listings for employment programs and disability owned businesses
Multiple levels of sponsorship and membership opportunities
Join AbilityLinks Today!

Any business, nonprofit organization, government agency or individual that supports increasing employment of qualified persons with disabilities can join AbilityLinks. Basic membership is free. Premium membership and sponsorship opportunities start at only $1,000.

After you join:
Post resumes and search for jobs to find inclusive employers
Post jobs and search resumes to identify qualified candidates with disabilities
List your employment program or disability owned business in AbilityLinks’ online directory
Contact AbilityLinks for advice on finding a job or filling an opening
If you’re disabled and have a job, share your story by posting an employed person profile
Become a sponsor, donate or upgrade your basic membership to a premium membership
Let others know about AbilityLinks: Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
A program of Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, funding for AbilityLinks is derived from sponsors, member contributions, individual donations, corporate and foundation grants, and the operational support of Marianjoy. Learn more.

Join the AbilityLinks Consortium – Basic Membership Is Free

The AbilityLinks mission is to increase employment of qualified persons with disabilities. Non profits, businesses and government agencies join the AbilityLinks Consortium to demonstrate support for this mission and gain access to disability employment networking opportunities.

A program of Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, AbilityLinks is supported by sponsorships, premium memberships, grants and donations to the Marianjoy Foundation.