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Disability Action Center NW

In-home Support Services

In-Home Support Services

Our goal is to help you maintain your independence

Losing your independence can be a great fear and asking for assistance often does not come easily. Our goal is to help you maintain your independence. You decide whom you want to hire and you train them to do things your way without agency control! You remain in your home, doing the things you love to do, with a little care and help from your chosen in-home assistance.

We approach in-home assistant services from the standpoint of having “been there”. With the right information and a little assistance, we know you can manage your own services. Our experience with disability and other health-related conditions will help you succeed.

A few of the services assistants can provide:

The connection of our PAS to the other DAC IL services helps ensure your success.

Self-Direct Care: you handle everything about your care except paying the assistant.
Traditional Care: you have the freedom to choose the things you feel comfortable with and leave the rest to DAC.

You are in charge. You will be able to freely select, manage, and if necessary, dismiss your personal assistant according to your wants, not someone else’s!

1st Choice PAS provides: management of all payroll, taxes, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. DAC has a registry of trained assistants to choose from or you can choose to find your own. DAC provides ongoing assistant training and any support you need to be a successful employer. Our organization is a non-profit corporation. As a result, we pay higher wages to your assistants. Higher wages mean you keep good assistants longer.