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Disability Action Center NW

Information and Referral

Information and Referral

Information is Power!

To control your life, you need accessible and accurate information. DAC provides information and referrals directly to people with disabilities and to other interested people such as family members, friends, employers and service providers.

Information that covers a wide variety of disability related issues: Community services and organizations, Disability Laws, Disability Benefits, Independent Living Issues, Counseling and other supports, Accessible Housing, Transportation, information on different types of disabilities, removing architectural barriers, assistive technology.

Our staff has access to a wealth of community resources and will direct you to these resources. We also produce a monthly newsletter to keep you informed. Follow our Facebook pages and learn about information and programs that may benefit you in real time.

For resources in Lewiston area check out Interlink Community Resource Book.

For resources in Pullman/Moscow area check out Palouse Resource Guide.

Curious about services that cross over into Washington State? Here is a list of resources:
Clarkston Area Resources (4)

Need help navigating IEP and Special Education?

ABA Programs Online has loads of information for students with autism and other disabilities, and especially timely information for maintaining your IEP even during Covid school shutdowns and distance learning. Or try ASAN or for Washington State there is the Pacific Alliance on Self-Advocacy. These are great community approved sites.

Need help finding out if you qualify for Medicare with a disability?

Here is a checklist that can help. It can guide you through questions like: what disabilities qualify for Medicare, how to apply, working and receiving Medicare, and more.

Need to plan in case of emergency?

The Idaho SILC Emergency preparedness page can help. On the page are links to the documents that are used in trainings and are included in our Blue Emergency prep folders, including making a plan, preparing a kit, etc.  Jerry just completed another revision of the documents that will likely be updated next week.  The page is in progress as we’re still catching typos and working to refine language.  We appreciate your patience and feedback as we move forward to help Idahoans with disabilities and their families be prepared for emergency events large or small.

For more information on being prepared for an emergency visit Aging Care Council

Mental Health Resources – We are advocating all the time for more resources in rural areas. This list has some resources in Northern Idaho.
Mental Health Resources 2021