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Join the Equal Rights Center’s 50/50 Campaign!

50 Days. 50 States and DC. 500 Members.

Join the Equal Rights Center’s 50/50 Campaign!

Since the ERC’s founding nearly 30 years ago, we have celebrated many victories. People with disabilities have greater accessDesign 4 Resized to buildings and services where physical barriers previously limited their use, Housing Choice Voucher holders are able to live in neighborhoods of their choice, and other individuals who have experienced discrimination have been able to seek redress for themselves and ensure that others’ civil rights are protected.

We have built a movement of advocates with the common goal of “civil rights for all.”

And we need you!

Our team of civil rights leaders spans areas of expertise including disability rights, immigrant rights, LGBT rights, women’s rights, fair housing and much more. We use a multi-faceted approach of education, research, testing, counseling, advocacy and, when necessary, enforcement. This unique blend of dynamic approaches and specialized focus has made us highly effective at advocating both for individuals who have faced discrimination and for the expansion of non-discrimination policies across the country.

The ERC is made up of much more than our staff and Board of Directors. ERC members are the eyes and ears of the organization by:

  • Alerting us to existing issues and instances of discrimination;
  • Participating in ERC civil rights investigations;
  • Staying informed about civil rights issues; and
  • Helping to advocate for change.

Our members make our victories more numerous, effective and meaningful.

To grow our team of advocates even more, we have just launched the “50/50 Campaign” to recruit 500 members in 50 days in 50 states and DC!

It’s easy to become a member – just sign up at this link! No financial commitment is required, just a genuine desire to create positive social change.

Join our movement to advance civil rights for all. Be part of the 50/50 Campaign today!


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