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Lewiston High School’s resource fair enhances accessibility for disabled adults

by Daniela Julio-Cano, KLEW TV      Fri, April 19th 2024 at 5:19 PM

LEWISTON, ID – Earlier this week, Lewiston High School held a transition resource fair for high school students and adults with disabilities.

The fair welcomed many different resources from all around the community.

They all had the same goal in mind, making sure that locals with disabilities know they belong whether that be in the workplace or higher education.

Area support agencies, non-profits and other groups helped individuals with disabilities know more about the programs that are available to them around the valley.

” So, when students graduate or transition out of high school know that they have options and know that options exist and how to move forward,” LHS Special Education Teacher Juile Biekereender.

Attendees were given a look at all the different places where they can make an impact and how they can receive higher education.

“Every institution in Idaho is required to provide accessibility services and accommodations on a college campus,” Julie Biekereender said.

If they decide not to go to school, there are still plenty of trades and certifications available to them as well.

” And there’s services that they can be eligible for to receive support in all those opportunities,” Biekereender said.

Sometimes even daily tasks can present unique difficulties for people with disabilities. Volunteers wanted to make sure they still have time to have fun through community activities and games or seeing new places.

If you want more information on all the agencies at the event, contact the Lewiston High School Special Education Team. They will have a list of all the agencies that were present.