ATC’s for All Abilities

Calling all artists with disabilities! You can create up to 5 artist trading cards for submission and be entered to win prizes and receive 5 new art cards in return!

The only rules are the cards must be 2 1/2″x3 1/2″ and thin enough to fit in an envelope to mail. You are limited only by your imagination! Try painting, collage, needlework, photography and more. Create one card, five different cards, or a series up to five cards.

Want to make one but not sure where to start? Start with cardstock 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″,  fill out the sticker to go on the back, and an Artist Application Form. Protect your art with sealer or an envelope and mail to: DacNW, 505 N. Main St, Moscow ID, 83843.

If you check the box to trade you will receive a different card for each one you enter in return!

**Need some ideas to get you started? Start with the background. The background should compliment the main subject. Decide on a focal point(s). Then add embellishments around that. You can even add text to your card using collage from magazines, newspapers or books, stamps, or hand lettering.

Arrange the composition of your elements in the confined space to give it maximal impact. Balance and proportion. Don’t be afraid of “blank space”, sometimes less is more. Don’t try to be too symmetrical. Try moving the focal point away from the center. Dividing your space into thirds can help.

Consider spraying with a sealer or using a transparent card sleeve (like for baseball cards). Cover the back with the sticker with your information.