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LMI Launches New Program for College-enrolled Wounded Warriors

LMI announced the launch of the Wounded Warrior Fellowship Initiative, a new program for veterans with service-related disabilities who are now pursuing higher education. The program is designed to provide Wounded Warriors with skills they need for success in the civilian workforce and augment the abilities they gained during their military service.
“After reviewing our extensive support for veterans, we identified a gap in how Wounded Warriors are brought into the civilian workforce—veterans with service-related disabilities need exposure to critical skills that can help make their transition a successful one,” LMI President and CEO Nelson M. Ford said. “LMI proudly supports our nation’s Wounded Warriors and we hope this program, where our staff provides mentorship, direction, and work experience, can become a model for other organizations involved in this cause.”
The Wounded Warrior Fellowship Initiative is open to Wounded Warrior students who served post-September 11, 2001, and are now enrolled in accredited two- and four-year universities. The flexible program provides them with access to mentoring and workplace experience in public sector consulting, including data analysis, engineering, and information technology, as well as accounting, finance, human resources, security, and communications.
“Wounded Warriors have highly sought-after leadership abilities, interpersonal skills, and a passion to serve, all of which are critical to an organization like LMI,” said Lt. Gen. Rick Kelly, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and the program’s senior advisor. “We are committed to helping them develop the unique skills required in a civilian business setting, and will provide a supportive, flexible environment that is attuned to their individual needs and in line with their professional goals. We just want them to be successful in their transition.”
The Wounded Warrior Fellowship Initiative is available at LMI’s McLean, Va., headquarters, along with LMI’s regional offices in San AntonioHuntsville, Ala., andSt. Louis.
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