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Disability Action Center NW


Medicaid Matters in Idaho!

Idahoans have built Medicaid as a vital support system in every community to ensure people with developmental

disabilities and mental illness have a chance to live in their own homes, to work if they are able and to be part of their community. Tens of thousands of Idahoans are asking for a tax increase if that is necessary to prevent deep cuts to Medicaid-funded home and community-based services. Join us!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who signed our petition (either hard copy or online). We are thrilled to share that to date we have collected 13,740 signatures from individuals in every city and county throughout the state! Over 3,000 were from our online petition and 10,000 were hand signatures. More are coming in every day!


We encourage you to continue spreading the word and asking your friends, family and community members to add their names to our online petition. Or you can print one and fax or e-mail it to CPI.
It was a tremendous accomplishment to gather 13,740 signatures in only 2 weeks! Let’s see if we can gather at least that number before JFAC begins setting the budgets on February 21st.