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Disability Action Center NW

NAMI Spring 2017 Mental Health Conference

Disability Action Center NW Partnered with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Idaho and other organizations to host a mental health conference ‘Hope, Healing, Health’ on Saturday May 20th at the Pitman Center at University of Idaho. Over 120 people registered for the conference, including students, community representatives, care providers and ¬†families that deal with mental illness.

Keynote speaker was Rand Walker, Ph.D. from Educational and Psychological Services in Moscow, Idaho. He presented a slide show about ways to flourish in your life even if you deal with mental illness. Breakout sessions cover topics like meditation, suicide prevention, early childhood diagnosis and intervention (autism), community supports and more. A panel discussion followed with representatives from Moscow Police, University of Idaho, Latah Alliance on Mental Illness, Disability Action Center NW, and Latah Recovery Center. The hope for the future is to find funding for a crisis room at each hospital in our counties.

Here is the slide show for Beyond Struggle: Flourishing with Mental Illness

Beyond Struggle