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Accessible Parking and How To Do It.

The ADA Standards apply to both permanent and temporary facilities for parking. This includes grass and gravel lots. Spaces and access aisles must be marked and have firm, stable, and slip resistant surfaces.
   The parking identification sign with the international symjbol of accessibility should be mounted 60 inches minimum above the ground to the bottom of the sign. Think about it, if all you have is the painted marking on the ground, you won’t be able to see that when it snows.
   Where van spaces are angled, an access aisle is required on the passenger side of each space. This is the side from which ramps and lifts typically deploy.
   Access aisle width is minimum 60”, must be at the same level and same length of the parking spaces. Maximum slope is 1:48, and it must connect to an accessible route to the building.
    Accessible parking spaces must be at least 96” wide, marked and should be level. A van space must be 132” wide minimum with an adjacent 60” wide access aisle. Or a van space of 96” wide with an adjacent 96” wide access aisle is also permitted.
    Boundaries must be clearly marked to discourage parking in the access aisle. Local laws may discuss the color or manner it is marked, but this is why it is typically striped with blue paint.
    State or local codes may stipulate additional signage needs such as size, color, or content such as “reserved” or violation fines. State and local codes can add to the federal ADA laws but cannot take away.
Make sure your accessible parking is on the shortest possible route of travel to the entrance.
    Both parking lots and parking facilities (parking structures) must comply with the ADA.
    The standards do not include specific provisions for electrical vehicle charging stations. But it’s a good idea to have the EV charging stations usable by people with disabilities.
    The minimum number of accessible spaces, including van spaces, must be calculated separately for each site. If there needs to be only one, it should be a van accessible site.
    Parking facilities with valet parking must provide accessible parking spaces to allow parking by people with disabilities with an accessible loading zone.


Dana Gover, MPA, and ACTCP Certification, ADA Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator 

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